D u b l i n .

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Catch ups, laughs, booze, a Gaelic football match, dancing, hangovers and hikes. Had the best weekend.





Week #20

Week 20.jpg

A day later than normal this week, but here’s last week’s overview at last…


I studied a bit more (last time I’m saying this, I promise), then sat my marketing exam from 2-4 (I wrote a blogpost about it here). That night I obviously celebrated with a night out with one of my best friends. Which brings me to…


I woke up at 7.15, with the intention of going to work at 9, but didn’t feel quite ready yet ahem. So I decided to take the morning off and work from 1-5 instead. After that I met my friend for a little visit to the minor injuries unit (fun outing, I know), because my knee was aching a lot and so was her tailbone. They couldn’t find anything (with me at least – my friend apparently has a broken tailbone) and I was sent home with some ibuprofen. Very helpful.


I tidied the flat some more because my dad was coming to stay, then went to work and worked for an hour or so. Once my dad had arrived in Glasgow we went for a walk in Glasgow Green to make the most of the sunny weather.


We went on a tour of the Glasgow City Chambers, did some shopping, had lunch and then went to Kelvingrove park for another walk (can you tell I’m always frantically trying to make the most of good weather?). That night I went to my friend’s 21st birthday party on campus, which was really good. After some food a few of my friends and I decided to watch the sunrise from the Necropolis, which was a little underwhelming to say the least (spoiler alert: you can’t actually see it from there) and I got home at 5.15am.


After a grand total of two hours sleep, I got up and we picked up our rental car. We then drove to IKEA with the intention of buying some fake plants as I’ve killed all of my real ones, and ironically left with no fake plants, but one real one instead. We also bought a TV (finally!) and that was mostly it for the day. Oh, and we ordered pizza, which my hungover body appreciated a lot.


We ventured out of Glasgow and visited Argyll Forest Park. I’m going to write a separate blogpost about this weekend, so stay tuned for that.


We once again left Glasgow, this time to climb Ben Lomond. Again, more about this later.

It was an unusual week, but a definitely a good one. What did you get up to?


Here’s why you don’t want to study marketing


Last Monday I sat my last ever marketing exam and I have never felt more relieved. Over the past three years I have come to hate marketing as a subject and if I could go back, I would definitely have picked something else. To avoid others making the same mistake, here’s why you don’t want to study it.

There’s not a lot to learn

First year was interesting, hence why I picked it as one of my majors for second and third year. However, I soon realised that what you learn in first year, is basically all there is. They’ll give the classes different names, you’ll get a bunch of different lecturers, but they all teach the same thing – it’s incredibly repetitive.

A lot of is nonsense

You can definitely work in marketing and I genuinely think that it might be enjoyable as well. However, marketing as a subject isn’t really a thing. Because let’s face it, most of it is common sense. So to make it seem like a proper subject, books and papers are filled with jargon, acronyms and models, making it appear a lot more complicated than it really is. Just reading anything marketing-related annoys me. And I’m not the only one.

You won’t get high grades. Ever.

And to top it all off: you will never get a high grade. Whilst in finance it’s common to get above 80% on assignments and the class average will be well above 60%, in marketing you’re lucky if you even manage to get 60%. It is a very subjective subject and grades will also be largely dependent on the tutor you have.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t even consider studying marketing. Doing assignments for real businesses can be fun and my group once won £2000 as part of a marketing assignment (that’s £500 each!). If you know you want to work in marketing, do go for it! At least now you know what to expect 😉

How do you feel about the subjects you’ve chosen? If you could go back, would you’ve picked something else?

Week #19

Week 19.jpg

Want to know what I get up to? Here’s an overview of last week for you…


I mostly studied (there’s going to be a lot of that this week – be prepared), baked some brownies (I used this recipe), because everyone knows that revision requires some snacks, then went for drinks at Drygate with a friend.


I studied and studied and studied… then played tennis at Kelvingrove Park. That was it I’m afraid.


I worked from 9am until there was no more work for me to do, which was at around half three, then popped into the piercing shop on my way home. I’m hoping to get some piercings changed/one new piercing in my left ear. I didn’t decide anything just yet, but keep your eyes peeled. Soon.


I studied. Then went running, which didn’t go too well (it was a little warmer than anticipated ahem). I so wish I could make this day sound interesting, but nope, not going to happen.


Sooo…. you guessed it, I studied. At 4pm I met a friend for the Tennent’s Brewery tour, something we’ve been meaning to do for absolutely ages. I’m not massively into beer, but it was cheap and quite fun, so would recommend. I might write a short post about it soon.


I’m not even going to say it, you know what I did. I also talked to my sister on Skype and went for a walk, because I couldn’t be bothered to go for a run *cough* lazy *cough*. Although in my defence, it was raining. Ooooh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that I booked a little trip to Lisbon in June! For some reason studying for exams always makes me want to book holidays (weird, I know).


I went to Topshop’s and Amy Spencer’s event at the Topshop on Argyle Street. Amy is even more gorgeous in real life than she is on Instagram and she’s also the loveliest person ever, so if you don’t follow her blog yet, here’s a link. I spend the afternoon studying (trust me, I’m as tired of it as you are) and also went for another run.

Definitely not the most interesting of weeks, but tomorrow (or today as you’re reading this) is the day of my marketing exam, after which third year will finally be over. Let summer commence.