L o n d o n .


Got to spend the weekend with my sister, so it was always going to be a good one. We watched the tennis, ate too much pizza, did a tonne of walking and laughed a lot. I always miss this one ❤





Seeing as July has been quite uneventful, I’ve been looking forward to August for a while now. I won’t be spending much time at home this month! Here’s what’s coming up…


This weekend I’m off to Dublin to see two of my friends – one who lives there, and one who’s coming over from Germany. I have been to Dublin before and well, don’t love it, but I’m excited to see the girls and just have a fun few days 🙂

Home home.

Two days after I’ll have gotten back from Dublin I’ll be off to the Netherlands for an appointment I have on the tenth. However, that also means I’ll get to spend three days at home back with my family. I haven’t been since Christmas, so it’ll be good to be back, even if just for a few days.


From the Netherlands I’ll fly to Bristol and make my way to Cardiff, where I’ll be spending a week with my dad. I’ve never been to Wales before, so I’m curious to see what it is like! If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Isle of Skye.

And if that wasn’t enough, a few days after I’ll have gotten back from Cardiff, I’m off again, this time to Skye with my dad and sister. I’ve been meaning to go there for soooo long and I’m excited it’s finally happening! I’m looking forward to just spending a week in the middle of nowhere, hiking, reading, playing board games, and who knows, maybe climbing another Munro.

… and when I’ll get back it’ll be September already, eek!


Week #27

Week 27.jpg

I’m thinking I might have to stop doing these posts over summer, because not much is happening haha. I worked a lot this week, which is fab, because I’m seriously skint right now. I also had a little park and dinner date with one of my friends on Monday. We went to Shilla in the West End. I had never had Korean food before, but it was so good! Definitely recommend.

I also played tennis again on Tuesday. I’m really enjoying the Tennis Tuesdays sessions – there’s not too many people, meaning everyone gets plenty of attention from the coach and I think I’m actually improving a little. I mean, I’m still not going to win any matches anytime soon, but still, haha.

Running was made slightly difficult this week because of Glasgow Green being mostly shut off for the Trnsmt festival. I’m still so gutted I didn’t get to go (note to self: get your friends into indie music), although the weather was shit on Sunday, so that made me feel a little better 😉

I did go out this weekend, and ended up going to Garage for the first time. How I still hadn’t been there after three years of having lived here, I don’t know, but it was really good and quite busy for July, and I had a really good night.

Let me know what you did this week! x

Positive thoughts.

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As I mentioned in last weekend’s post, I tend to find summer quite difficult. It leaves me with a little too much time to think, which usually ends up being a bad thing. If you would’ve asked me to write a negative thoughts post, I could have come up with at least a fifty thoughts, right there and then, but that doesn’t really help anyone, does it? Looking for the positive is harder to do, but definitely possible, so here’s some of my positive thoughts.

I’m seeing my sister in one week time.

Living abroad obviously means that I don’t get to see my family all that much. My sister is by far my favourite person in the world and it’s a bit sad, really, that I only get to see her two or three times a year. So I’m very excited to be spending a whole weekend with her this month. Which brings me to the next point.

I’m going to London.

London is my favourite place in the world. I’ve done my fair share of travelling, but no place has stolen my heart quite like London has. I haven’t been yet this year, so I’m looking forward to spending the weekend there (and with my favourite person, so hey!).

I’m running again.

I’ve already mentioned this, but after injuring my knee back in May, I’m finally running again, whoop.

I’ve almost finished my Invisalign treatment.

Back in January I decided to get Invisalign to fix my slightly crooked teeth and although it hasn’t been particularly bothersome, I’m happy to be on set 12 out of 15 at the moment. Only a month until I’ll have perfectly straight teeth!

I’m spending tons of time with friends.

Most of my friends have left town by now, but that does mean that I get to spend a lot of time with the ones that are still here. And I’m really enjoying it, because now meeting up no longer feels like catching up, but instead we can just chat and laugh about all sorts of nonsense, which is fab.

Okay, I am going to be honest and say that I’m struggling to think of anything else at the moment, so if you have anything to add, please let me know in the comments! Stay positive x

Week #26

Week 26.jpg

It’s starting to get quiet…

Tons of flat inspections are being carried out at the moment, so I spent a lot of time stuck in my own flat, waiting for some sort of workman to stop by. This did give me time to start working on my 365 project’s photo book though, which is coming along quite nicely.

Lots of people have now left Glasgow, but I still managed to meet up for coffee with a friend on Wednesday and have a few other friends over for drinks that night. Saturday I met up with another friend for coffee, and ended up also having a pint at the West Brewery. This always seems to happen with certain friends, haha.

The weather has been awful and meant I wasn’t able to play tennis last week, but I did manage to squeeze in two runs, so I am quite pleased with that. The lack of daylight is seriously getting me down, but I am trying to remain positive. In two weeks’ time I’ll be in London, whoop!

Hope you’ve had an amazing week x





Halfway through the year already.

I tend to find summer quite a difficult time. I love being busy, running from one place to the other, always having something to do, never a reason to be bored. Now that I don’t have a lot to do, I feel like I’m wasting my time and it’s making me restless. Sometimes I truly wish that semesters in Scotland were longer than 11 weeks.

I know I said back in June that I was looking forward to things slowing down a little, as April and May flying by had been a bit unsettling. However, things are getting a little too slow for my liking now. Although a few of my friends will be here all summer, most of my friends will be leaving within the next two weeks and I’m afraid it’ll become very quiet in Glasgow.

I don’t have many plans yet either. The main thing at the moment is that I’ll be going to London for a weekend with my sister, where we’ll be going to Wimbledon. I’m very excited to see her, to be in London, to go to Wimbledon for the first time and also to get some sun. The weather in Glasgow’s been very gloomy and it’s been so cold that I’ve had to turn the heating back on, which is not something you want to be doing in June.

There was also going to be a holiday with my mother and sister at the end of July, but nothing’s been booked yet, so I’m not sure that’s still happening. They have been suggesting the Maldives, the US and Cuba though, so that does all sound very exciting.

Also, to end on a positive note, my knee seems to be okay with running again, which is making me very happy. Although I have a love/hate relationship with running itself, I find that running three times a week makes me a much happier, relaxed person overall, so I can’t wait to pick it up again this month.

I hope you have an amazing month ahead x


Week #25

Week 25.jpg

Posting later than usual, because I’m not sure what happened to my sleeping pattern, ahem. It’s been a really good week though, and I’m in a very good mood, hope you are too 🙂

My mother left Glasgow on Tuesday and I spent some time getting the flat tidy and clean, before heading out to play tennis at Kelvingrove Park. It was the first time playing tennis since I injured my knee and I was very nervous beforehand, but it was alright. I wish I could say the same about my backhand though, haha.

I worked all day on Wednesday, so not a lot I can say about that, and I worked some more on Thursday before getting my seventh – and probably final – ear piercing. I barely even felt it this time, and I’m so glad I’ve finally got four in my left ear now, whoop.

Friday I met a friend for lunch, which turned into a four hour talking session (but I’m not complaining) and went for my first run. Again, super nervous and I only dared to do 4 x 5 minutes, but my knee did okay, so I was very happy about that. At night another friend came over to my flat and we had a couple of drinks and just chatted for hours.

Saturday I caught up with my sister on Skype (for 3,5 hours, because we always have plenty to talk about haha) and at night I had a dinner at a friend’s flat. A couple of my friends and I ended up going to Buff club afterwards, a club I’d never been to before, but I really enjoyed it. Although I also really enjoyed singing and dancing along to Don’t Look Back in Anger, somewhere in Sauchiehall Street, haha. Much love for my friends ❤

Yesterday I was mildly hungover, but mostly just really tired and I just pottered around the flat, which is how every Sunday should be spent if you asked me.

Week #24

Week 24.jpg

It was a weird one, but a good one.

Of course I spent the first three/four days of the week in Lisbon, which was absolutely beautiful and I bloody loved it. However, I’ll write about Lisbon in more detail later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

On Thursday I flew back to Glasgow, swapping the sunshine for some very thick clouds and rain. But no reason to complain, because my mother had arrived in Glasgow a few hours earlier and when I got home I was immediately treated to an amazing home cooked meal.

Friday was my birthday. I woke up in a somewhat bad mood, because a, I hate my own birthday and b, I had taken a sleeping tablet the night before that tends to leave me drowsy and (ironically enough) tired in the morning. However, it did turn out to be a good day. My mother and I went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping after, before going for dinner at one of my favourite Glasgow restaurants, Paesano. After that, I left my mother and met up with a few of my friends for some birthday drinks. I got a little tipsy and didn’t make it home until about 3am. Such a good night.

Continuing the drinking, my mother and I went on to do the Tennents Brewery tour the following day. Obviously I had done it before, but I still enjoyed it and we had a hilarious conversation with two of the other group members after, so that was good.

Sunday we went to Stirling, which was – and please don’t hate me for saying this – even smaller and more boring that I’d remembered it, so we basically had lunch and then went back haha.

Yesterday I had the lease signing for my flat, which wasn’t particularly exciting, but I’m so glad I’ll be able to stay here next year! We had some tea and cake at Kember & Jones and when the sun decided to come out for a change, we went to Kelvingrove Park, where we sat chatting for hours, which was lovely.

Hope you’ve had a good week as well! x


This was 20.


Today I’m turning 21. Now, instead of talking about how that’s seriously freaking me out (because it is), I’d like to look back for once and talk about the year I’ve had, because 20 was pretty damn good.

First of all: the people. I’ve met so many amazing new people over the past year. At university, at my summer job and just generally, in life. And some of them have become really good friends, really fast. A lot of my days/nights out or crazy stories would not have been there without them, so lots of love to all of my friends – you make me a very happy girl ❤ Naturally this year has also seen its fair share of boy drama, but none of it’s led to anything serious. And you know what, that’s fine – I’m more than happy on my own.

Then there’s all the trips I’ve been on and places I’ve been able to visit. Celebrating my 20th birthday in London last year was amazing and I can only hope that today’s birthday will be as good as last. Whilst working in England last July I was able to explore a lot more of South-England and it made me fall in love with England all over again. Since the beginning of this year I’ve also been lucky enough to visit Brussels and go on holiday to Mallorca with my mother and sister. Then there was, of course a study trip to Dubai, which was such an eye-opener. Although I didn’t like Dubai itself, I had an amazing time and I’m so glad I went. Looking at pictures from that trip still gives me all the feels. I also finally had the chance to explore some more of Scotland and it’s only made me want to see so much more before I graduate next year. Last but not least, I’m off to Lisbon this Sunday (I will just have returned when you’re reading this), a place I’ve only heard good things about, so I’m very excited!

There were other things, changes, this year that were a little less obvious, but maybe even more significant. This was the year I finally started to feel a little more settled and happy. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I wasn’t happy before – but the first two years of university were such a whirlwind and it’s nice that that seems to be over now. What has made a major difference was moving into my own flat. After having lived in two different houses for most of my childhood and then in student halls for two years, having a space that is 100% mine is amazing. For the first time in my life I have a place where I feel totally comfortable and at home and hearing that I’ll be able to stay here next year, has made me incredibly happy.

I also feel like this was the year I truly left my life in the Netherlands behind. Having only been home for about three weeks last year and now having officially emigrated as well, things are different. Of course, my family will always be there, but my life’s here, in Scotland, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Here’s to another amazing year x