Week #25

Week 25.jpg

Posting later than usual, because I’m not sure what happened to my sleeping pattern, ahem. It’s been a really good week though, and I’m in a very good mood, hope you are too ūüôā

My mother left Glasgow on Tuesday and I spent some time getting the flat tidy and clean, before heading out to play tennis at Kelvingrove Park. It was the first time playing tennis since I injured my knee and I was very nervous beforehand, but it was alright. I wish I could say the same about my backhand though, haha.

I worked all day on Wednesday, so not a lot I can say about that, and¬†I worked some more on Thursday before getting my seventh – and probably final –¬†ear piercing. I barely even felt it this time, and I’m so glad I’ve finally got four in my left ear now, whoop.

Friday I met a friend for lunch, which turned into a four hour talking session (but I’m not complaining) and went for my first run. Again, super nervous and I only dared to do 4 x 5 minutes, but my knee did okay, so I was very happy about that. At night another friend came over to my flat and we had a couple of drinks and just chatted for hours.

Saturday I caught up with my sister on Skype (for 3,5 hours, because we always have plenty to talk about haha) and at night I had a dinner at a friend’s flat. A couple of my friends and I ended up going to Buff club afterwards,¬†a club¬†I’d never been to before, but I really enjoyed it.¬†Although I also really enjoyed singing and dancing along to Don’t Look Back in Anger, somewhere in Sauchiehall Street, haha. Much love for my friends ‚̧

Yesterday I was mildly hungover, but mostly just really tired and I just pottered around the flat, which is how every Sunday should be spent if you asked me.


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