Week #24

Week 24.jpg

It was a weird one, but a good one.

Of course I spent the first three/four days of the week in Lisbon, which was absolutely beautiful and I bloody loved it. However, I’ll write about Lisbon in more detail later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

On Thursday I flew back to Glasgow, swapping the sunshine for some very thick clouds and rain. But no reason to complain, because my mother had arrived in Glasgow a few hours earlier and when I got home I was immediately treated to an amazing home cooked meal.

Friday was my birthday. I woke up in a somewhat bad mood, because a, I hate my own birthday and b, I had taken a sleeping tablet the night before that tends to leave me drowsy and (ironically enough) tired in the morning. However, it did turn out to be a good day. My mother and I went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping after, before going for dinner at one of my favourite Glasgow restaurants, Paesano. After that, I left my mother and met up with a few of my friends for some birthday drinks. I got a little tipsy and didn’t make it home until about 3am. Such a good night.

Continuing the drinking, my mother and I went on to do the Tennents Brewery tour the following day. Obviously I had done it before, but I still enjoyed it and we had a hilarious conversation with two of the other group members after, so that was good.

Sunday we went to Stirling, which was – and please don’t hate me for saying this – even smaller and more boring that I’d remembered it, so we basically had lunch and then went back haha.

Yesterday I had the lease signing for my flat, which wasn’t particularly exciting, but I’m so glad I’ll be able to stay here next year! We had some tea and cake at Kember & Jones and when the sun decided to come out for a change, we went to Kelvingrove Park, where we sat chatting for hours, which was lovely.

Hope you’ve had a good week as well! x



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